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Heel or face, Becky Lynch just beat the hell out of Charlotte Flair

Here is a Becky Lynch that everyone can get behind.

If anyone was on the fence in the Becky vs. Charlotte debate, this week’s main event segment of SmackDown may have swayed you in the direction ofthe Irish Lass Kicker.

Lynch has her mojo back and it feels like the WWE has taken some of the reigns off her character. The new Smackdown women’s champion is shooting from the hip and knocking off every single target in the process.

During her official women’s title presentation, after her intro from GM Paige, Lynch was magic on the mic. So much so that Flair came down to congratulate her former friend but couldn’t help but get caught up in Lynch’s new found swagger.

The official WWE clip cuts out right before the best part.


Seconds later Flair looked like she was about to leave the ring but instead struck first with a punch right to the champ’s throat. This move only pissed off Lynch more and she then proceeded to beat the hell out Flair both outside of the ring and right in the center of it.

SmackDown closed with Lynch holding the belt high over her head at the top of the entrance ramp.

The WWE has found lighting in bottle with every new Becky Lynch character twist. I think we speak for everyone when we say please don’t blow it now WWE.

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