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Jeff Hardy, no longer ‘coughing up blood,’ wrestles one night after Hell in a Cell

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Jeff Hardy didn’t do anything too crazy, at least relative to the entire body of his work in professional wrestling, at Hell in a Cell this past Sunday night in San Antonio. He did drop from the top of the Cell structure through a table below, after a tough match with Randy Orton.

He did a stretcher job, so, naturally, WWE provided a kayfabed medical update on his status during the show. At that point, it was said he was coughing up blood on his way to a medical facility and would be kept overnight for observation.

Later, they added he left under his own power in the middle of the night.

If there was any doubt about just how far they were going to take this angle, he wrestled at a SmackDown house show in Oklahoma City last night, roughly 24 hours removed from said angle. He teamed with R-Truth and AJ Styles in the main event, with that trio defeating the team of Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Samoa Joe.

For whatever it’s worth,’s SmackDown Live preview reads like this when the Hardy-Orton feud comes up:

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy in one of the most brutal Hell in a Cell Matches of all time, and although both Superstar endured unimaginable pain, The Charismatic Enigma perhaps got the worst of it. Will either competitor ever be the same? Did the all-out bedlam finally bring an end to the destruction? Or are they just getting started?

Find out if they’ll ever be the same tomorrow night, I guess!