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Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley’s kayfabe reason for teaming up is the same as the real one

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You need only look back to the "Bobby Lashley has sisters" storyline Raw used to rollout the former ECW and TNA champion to realize why WWE decided Lashley needed a mouthpiece. The writing was horrible, yes. But the big man is also the ideal pro wrestler in all ways but one. Much like fellow amateur wrestler-turned-sports entertainer/pro MMA fighter Brock Lesnar, when you give Bobby a microphone, things can get weird.

So while the choice of manager was interesting (and might not mean good things for 205 Live), that he was given a partner to handle the verbal heavy lifting was a no brainer. Most fans’ reaction was "what took so long?" rather than "why?"

After an intriguing tease of Lio Rush as Lashley's advocate on Sept. 10's Raw and a successful live debut for the Manager of the Hour on the Sept. 17 episode, the task of explaining why the two are paired up fell to an online fallout video.

Probably because there's not much of an explanation...

You know why a guy who's undersized even for a cruiserweight but has charisma to spare is repping a physical specimen and athletic marvel who can't be trusted on the stick.

WWE knows you know.

Don’t over think it. They haven’t.