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Cup of coffee in the big time: This is basic Brockonomics, and it sucks

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is back ... you know ... kind of.

The WWE Universal Championship, which has largely lacked an identity since creation, was on the line last night in a televised match for just the twentieth time in more than two years.

When Lesnar left, there was a sense of relief. No longer did the belt have to stay off TV for weeks at a time. There would be no more Brock Lesnar matches promoted primarily through his opponents yelling about “The Beast” while Brock stayed home and drank some Coors Light.

Sure, the fans may not have wanted Roman Reigns as champion. But at least he’s around and defending the belt and things aren’t held up because a part-timer is involved.

Enter Saudi Arabia, the WWE’s soulless approach to business and a boatload of money and here we are again.

Given their relative physiques, it’s ironic Paul Heyman does the heavy lifting in his partnership with Lesnar. And Paul will be flexing again for weeks ... and weeks ... and weeks.

Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will yell at each other, they’ll yell about Brock Lesnar, they’ll yell about Brock Lesnar at each other.

And Heyman will have to show up again and again, talking about his client and the goal of taking the Universal Championship to the UFC where they’ll pay him even more because it increases his value.

Hell, Brock may even show up once or twice en route to Riyadh.

Sure, it will bog down the product. A product which has been on a fairly good run of late.

And, I mean, everyone now sees WWE Evolution as the transparent attempt to placate those upset the female superstars can’t participate during the trip to the human rights nightmare that is Saudi Arabia.

But look at all that money.

This is basic Brockonomics.

One more day in the books, keep moving forward.

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