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Lio Rush makes his debut on Raw, steals the show

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Lio Rush made us interested in Bobby Lashley.

This week on Raw, Rush made his official debut on the main roster and he checked all the boxes. During the weekly Elias segment it was Rush who interrupted the brief musical interlude.

hen Rush got on the mic and hit it out of the park in a dueling promo with Elias.

Rush then introduced Lashley for his match with Elias and then joined the announcer’s desk as a guest commentator. Rush again nailed it and established himself as the manager for Lashley.

During Rush’s time on the mic, he got in some few digs on Kevin Owens before KO eventually came out to get physical with him. After killing it on the mic, Rush got to showcase in-ring his skill set during a skirmish with Owens and Elias.

During the three hour Raw broadcast, Rush’s first appearance simply stood out because it was something very different from the norm.

Can Lio Rush be the man to save Bobby Lashley’s second run with the WWE?

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