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Bumps off the side of the Hell in a Cell structure are bad

Hell in a Cell has come and gone, and with that yet another attempt at a big bump from the Cell. No, not off the top, because this isn’t 1998 and safety matters a lot more in 2018, but as close as they can get.

This time around, it was Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler doing the now customary bump off the side of the structure through an announcer’s table below:

Here’s the thing about that: it’s very bad.

It’s not even so much about safety, though that’s obviously worth concerning ourselves with. It’s not even that they can’t possibly make it look as good as others before them who were allowed to do more.

It’s the execution.

Yes, pro wrestling is “fake” but — and call me old fashioned if you’d like — I don’t want to see pro wrestling where they have to stop what they’re doing to properly line up a bump, check that they’re going to land properly, and then push themselves off the cage so they can take said bump.

They set this up by throwing each other’s heads into the side of the cage and it’s a full two seconds until they push themselves off to actually go through the tables below. It’s just such an obvious affront to what actual combat is supposed to look like that it completely takes me out of what they’re doing.

The physical cost is not worth doing this when it has to be done this way.

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