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John Cena - who consists of nothing but muscle, skin and hair - hypes Super Show-Down

It’s been a while since checked in on John Cena. Last we saw the Face Who Used To Run The Place, he was trolling us with his sixth move of doom in Shanghai.

As far as we can tell, the Blockers star is still in China. He’s definitely still rocking whatever fitness routine has him looking like he’s ready to drop down a weight class. And Cena is reminding us that, unlike his Sept. 1 match, we’ll be able to watch his return to the WWE ring on Oct. 6 when he teams with Bobby Lashley to face Elias and Kevin Owens at Super Show-Down at The MCG in Australia...

Not even sure I’ll be able to enjoy the “Lightning Fist”. I may be too busy staring at those intercostals.