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Brock Lesnar’s reportedly back in WWE for a seven figure payday in Saudi Arabia

This isn’t terribly surprising, but seeing the numbers laid out like this is pretty eye-opening.

Over at our sister site MMAFighting, Dave Meltzer reports Brock Lesnar is still training for a return to UFC. A deal hasn’t been signed for his next fight in the Octagon, however, which is probably part of why we saw him kick the door off a cage in WWE last night (Sept. 16) at Hell in a Cell.

The other reason is because Vince McMahon’s company is getting a lot of money from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to run shows in that country over a ten year contract signed earlier this year. The events, which feature pro-government propaganda that’s drawn the ire of fans and human rights groups, started with this spring’s Greatest Royal Rumble. Meltzer writes that based on WWE’s business statements it appears the company added $45 million in revenue from that one date - more than even an event like WrestleMania generates.

Brock wrestled Roman Reigns in Jeddah on that April 27 show, and his appearance on pay-per-view (PPV) Sunday night was to set-up another Universal title match on WWE’s yet-to-be-announced Nov. 2 return to Saudi Arabia. It’s not known if he’ll face Reigns one-on-one or if it will be a Triple Threat with Braun Strowman. It does look like Lesnar will get a check for an amount “well into the seven figures” for the trip.

MMAFighting’s report confirms again that Brock is in the USADA testing pool, meaning the clock is again ticking on his suspension for testing positive around his last UFC fight and indicating he is serious about a return. But with no deal signed for the teased fight with heavyweight and light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier and a bunch of Saudi money on the table, the Beast is back in WWE for at least one more match.

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