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WWE medical staff were busy after Hell in a Cell

As you’d expect following an event like Hell in a Cell, WWE had multiple medical updates to issue after the Sept. 16 pay-per-view (PPV) from San Antonio.

Jeff Hardy left AT&T Center on a stretcher, after his monkey bars swing and fall from the cage roof through a table gave Randy Orton a win in the main card opener. “Severe abdominal pains” led WWE medical personnel to decide to send the Charismatic Enigma to the proverbial “local medical facility”. Michael Cole gave this report some color, too, as Jeff was said to be “coughing up blood while en route to the facility”. Cathy Kelley said via Instagram that Hardy would be kept overnight at the hospital facility.

The winner of that first PPV match provided his own updates.

Dolph Ziggler ended the night as he started it, as a Raw tag champ. But he also left his match draped over the shoulders of his partner, Drew McIntyre. Then he returned to get mixed up in the main event and ended up falling through one of the announce desks set up outside the Cell.

The ringside medics tried to get Ziggler to head to one of Texas’ fine medical facilities after the show. According to, Dolph chose to leave the building the same way he exited after his match, though:

“Instead, he left the AT&T Center with Drew McIntyre.”

No word on how the man who fell with Ziggler is doing, but we’re gonna assume Dean Ambrose stole an ambulance, grabbed Seth Rollins and headed for Mexico.

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