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Cup of coffee in the big time: One tiny change could have made a huge difference at Hell in a Cell

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The right finish was right there — well, at least the better finish.

When Brock Lesnar F-5ed Roman Reigns onto Braun Strowman last night, a referee should have been there to count three and raise Reigns’ hand. Neither man is hurt for taking the fall, Strowman has his excuse and Lesnar’s point is made.

Protect the sanctity of The Cell.

Only one other time has a Hell in a Cell match not had a finish: Mankind vs. Kane on a 1998 episode of Raw. Given the placement on TV in an era where TV basically existed without in-ring competition, it hardly counts.

After last night, that a Hell in a Cell match can end without a winner is established canon. One of WWE’s ultimate “there must be a winner” solutions has been neutered.

We laugh and laugh at the “no one can help you” talk, but at least we knew any outside interference was spice — however unnecessary it may be — to the eventual finish.

But in booking themselves into a corner, not wanting Roman or Braun to have to eat a pin at this moment, WWE has established a new reality for one of their most iconic matches.

And it’s a reality I’d rather not exist.

It’s a day to think about Hell in a Cell and get our emotions out and hope Raw continues the process of steering things back in the right direction.

Happy Monday, let’s do this.