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That Hell in a Cell finish was ridiculous

They really did that, huh?

On the same night they were heavily promoting a special on Mick Foley talking about his Hell in a Cell match 20 years ago with Undertaker, no less.

I bring that up because, well, consider: Foley was thrown off the top of that structure onto an announcer’s table below, then chokeslammed through it to the ring below (which didn’t actually kill him only because, according to the man himself, he didn’t take the bump properly), was hit with a chair when he landed, was knocked out cold, suffered numerous injuries, had his teeth knocked out through his nose, took a backdrop onto a ton of thumbtacks, and still finished the match.

Here, Brock Lesnar hit Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman with a broken piece of table a couple times, hit an F-5 on Strowman, then an F-5 on Reigns on top of Strowman, and that was enough for referees to declare that neither man was fit to continue. Keep in mind, this came after a significant period of time had passed where they were both able to rest and recover from the match they were having because all the focus was on Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler fighting on top of and all around the cage.

The idea that someone would interfere in a Hell in a Cell match is nothing new and, in fact, is a running joke at this point. But the idea that someone would interfere, do as little as Lesnar did, and both participants would be deemed unable to finish the match to close a pay-per-view main event that doubled as a Money in the Bank cash-in is so ridiculous I can hardly believe it even typing it out.

Lesnar is back, maybe, and he just made the top two stars who have carried the brand since he’s been gone look pitiful.

Like I said, ridiculous.

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