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Becky Lynch’s first promo as new SmackDown Women’s champ reads ‘neutral badass’ to us

After pinning Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women’s title for the second time in her career, and refusing her former friend’s handshake show of respect/peace offering, Becky Lynch spoke with Kayla Braxton backstage at Hell in a Cell in San Antonio.

“Oh, I’m extremely satisfied. I went out there with a goal in mind - to prove to Charlotte Flair that I am the better woman. Tonight, I proved that I am the better woman. When Charlotte Flair wasn’t on SmackDown Live, I was the Women’s champion. And when I act like Charlotte Flair isn’t an obstacle in the way, then I’m the SmackDown Women’s champion.

And last week, she came out there and she said, ‘Becky, you know it’s easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk.’

Well, tonight I talked the talk and I walked the walk. I said I would and I did.”

It’s the usual strong stuff from Bex, and provides zero clues about her character beyond telling us to continue reacting to her however comes naturally.

Her win in AT&T Center was clean, but he post-match response wasn’t terribly sportspersonlike. There were no cheap shot attacks on Sunday night, however, and this interview focuses on herself more than running down Flair or any other potential challengers.

And, maybe this is just my personal bias showing, but I swear she lifts the belt up to hide the smile she can no longer contain. Similar to this...

Go ahead with your bad self, champ. Most of us are cheering you no matter what they have you do, anyway.

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