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WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 results: Becky Lynch beats the woman, is The Woman

For many, it was the most anticipated match on the card for Sun., Sept. 16 in San Antonio. The intense rivalry between former friends Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair didn’t get booked for the Cell itself, but their SmackDown Women’s title feud did get a crucial spot in the pay-per-view (PPV) line-up, following the brutal opener which did take place in the Demonic Structure.

Reactions from the AT&T Center crowd at Hell in a Cell followed what we’ve seen throughout the feud. Regardless of what roles the stories placed them in, Lynch was largely cheered while response to the champ was noticeably mixed (leaning toward boos).

It was technical affair in the early going. Charlotte and the Lasskicker went hold-for-hold, including early attempts at the Figure-Four and the Dis-Arm-Her. Before long, Lynch gained an advantage...

...and began to inflict punishment, especially aimed at the arm of the Queen - which she’d targeted last Tuesday in her disguised attack from the crowd.

Charlotte tried several of the staples of her offense like chops, but she struggled to take control. She also refused to stay down or tap out, however.

An exchange of strikes ended with Flair being pulled arm and face first into the apron, but after another kickout, the champ connected on a suplex. She was unable to follow-up due to her damaged arm. A big boot from Charlotte left both women down. Flair tried for her signature moonsault from the top, but Becky rolled away! Lynch tried for a triangle, but the champ managed to lift her and nail her with a powerbomb for two!

Lynch got the better of a slobberknocker in the middle of the ring, but Charlotte kicked out after another hammerlock DDT.

Bex went up top to try for a missle drop kick, but landed in a Boston crab. The Lasskicker made it to the ropes to secure the break, and followed up by twisting the champ’s busted wing around the ring post. A Dis-Arm-Her followed, and Lynch held on for several seconds past the referee’s call to break.

That was the key moment. A second later, the referee counted three after a the Irishwoman countered a spear and pinned Charlotte to the mat.

A gracious Flair tried to offer her hand to her friend in the aftermath, but Lynch wasn’t having it. Becky told Charlotte she wouldn’t steal her moment, and stormed off.

Badass Becky Lynch is SmackDown Women’s Champ.

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