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WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 results: Miscommunication ruins another Rusev Day

Kicking the SmackDown tag title match to the Kickoff didn’t diminish The New Day’s enthusiasm for defending a championship at Hell in a Cell for the fourth straight year. And San Antonio was ready to feel the power, even before the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of the show began on Sept. 16.

Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston tried to mark the occassion with a song they wrote about their opponents, but Rusev Day’s songmeister Aiden English crashed the party... leading to a throat-clearing contest.

Action started with Aiden and Kofi (partnered up with E as Woods watched the pancake platter at ringside). Business picked up when the Lion of Bulgaria tagged in, though. His power was too much for Kingston, and the old-head of New Day took a beating from both his opponents...

... a DDT counter allowed Kofi to bring in his side’s muscle. E turned English’s world upside down with belly-to-belly suplex, but it didn’t take too long for Rusev to tag himself and give us a hoss fight.

Action spilled to the floor when Big speared Rusev to the floor. Aiden made a tag and then flattened E with a senton. The champ wouldn’t stay down after being brought into the ring, and English survived a tandem double stomp from Kingston. Things broke down again after that, and Kingston springboarded into a Machka Kick on the floor. Aiden put E down the hardway on the apron, but then some familiar communication issues foiled the challengers.

A blind tag from English resulted in a diving headbutt from Rusev coming up empty. Aiden tried to lock in his partner’s submission finisher on Kofi while the Bulgarian Brute recovered, but Kingston countered out of it. Kofi recovered to hit Trouble in Paradise on the troubadour, and New Day will head to Australia to defend their belts against The Bar.

Will Rusev Day brush off the loss, or is mistrust the name of the game for the fan favorites (again)?

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