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It’s best to forget the story and just enjoy Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman for the brawl it will be

My right hand man, Sean Rueter, hands out assignments for match previews on WWE pay-per-views each month, and he usually gives me the main event showcase. That means he tasked me with writing about Braun Strowman challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal championship in a Hell in a Cell match at the Hell in a Cell event at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

And I can’t find many words for it.

The story leading into this has been hot garbage. Strowman’s intelligence/viciousness was sacrificed at SummerSlam so that WWE could get through Reigns beating Brock Lesnar for the title without the crowd completely taking it over and dumping all over it. It was brilliant tactically speaking, and well executed with that goal in mind, but it really hurt Strowman’s presentation.

Then, he failed a Money in the Bank cash-in because of The Shield so his response was to announce a cash-in ahead of time, inside Hell in a Cell, so that The Shield couldn’t get to him to stop it. Then he gave the briefcase away, so he couldn’t cash-in any sooner. Then, and this is where it really gets dumb, he aligned himself with Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler, collectively known as The Dogs of War, and somehow also the rest of the heel side of the Raw roster, and launched multiple extended beatdowns of the entirety of The Shield.

Yes, that means there was at least one point when there were like 16 guys beating up Reigns, leaving him a messy heap of flesh, completely vulnerable to a cash-in, where Strowman had an army of wrestlers to hold Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins back from doing anything about it, and he chose not to so that he could do it at Hell in a Cell ... because he wants to make sure they can’t interfere.

This is largely an issue with WWE doing too much, having already booked The Hounds of Justice vs. The Dogs of War for Super Show-Down early next month in Australia. But it’s also an issue with WWE storytelling, which has been greatly lacking in any feud that isn’t Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch.

The good news is these two have great chemistry and are likely going to give us a fun brawl of a match. So maybe it’s best we forget about the story and just be about that action, boss.


Who wins?

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