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Oh god, Jeff Hardy is going to do something crazy at Hell in a Cell

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Jeff Hardy has never wrestled in a Hell in a Cell match. So while it never made all that much sense that of all the matches to get the Cell treatment on tonight’s (Sun., Sept. 16, 2018) card in San Antonio they went with Hardy vs. Randy Orton, it’s at least cool that he’ll get to do something he’s never done before.

Even if it’s also a little terrifying.

Because he’s definitely going to do something crazy.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what he told talkSPORT:

“I’ve talked about it a lot because the one thing I’ve never done in WWE is a Hell in a Cell match and now here we are. I’m in a Hell in a Cell with Randy Orton and I can’t wait to see what I can do inside that cage. It’s going to be very memorable and I’ll do something that people won’t forget. I think my thoughts are too big for my size sometimes, but I’ve got a lot of good ideas of what I can do inside that structure and this Sunday is when we find what will happen. It will be a very memorable Jeff Hardy match. Expect the unexpected!”

This is a man in his 40s, whose body is so beat up he spent seven weeks with his hand asleep, who is crazy enough to assess that situation and say he’s just “a little beat up.” This is a man who thought he was never going to get to work a match like this, and now he is. It’s probably going to end up being the only chance he gets to do so.

Oh god, he’s definitely going to do something crazy.