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Matt Hardy may have just retired from WWE

WWE held a live event in Corpus Christi, Texas last night (Sept. 15) and shortly afterwards, Matt Hardy released the following video where he said it’s time for him to go home:

Matt also encouraged everyone to support his tag team partner Bray Wyatt:

The Deleters of Worlds dropped the Raw tag team titles to The B-Team back in July, and all throughout August there were strong hints that Matt’s in-ring career was nearing an end. This includes Matt’s claim that his lower back and pelvis have started fusing together, as well as Reby Sky confirming he was entering a period of transition which could involve pursuing a backstage role in WWE.

Even with all of that in mind it’s still quite jarring to hear the words from his own lips, without the gimmick accent, that the Corpus Christi event was “most likely” the final time we’ll ever see Woken Matt Hardy in a WWE ring.

Hardy has spent more than two decades entertaining pro wrestling fans all around the world, but now he says it’s time for him go home to be a father and a husband. Do you think this is the last we’ve seen of Matt Hardy in a WWE ring, Cagesiders?

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