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Undertaker’s entrance taught Renee Young ‘not to have a full-blown meltdown’ while calling Raw

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She’s been on the job for a few days now. So as Renee Young gets ready to provide commentary on a WWE pay-per-view (PPV) for the first time at Hell in a Cell tomorrow night (Sun., Sept. 16), she’s reflecting on her new gig as a full-time voice of Raw .

In talking to Newsweek, Young says the fact she’s a regular on the Monda night team now is still sinking in. “It comes in waves,” she says. Renee spoke about all the things which prepared her for the role - her guest stints, advice from Michael Cole, Corey Graves, JBL & others behind-the-scenes, support from family, friends & fan, and calling the 2018 Mae Young Classic as “commentary bootcamp”.

But there were some things nothing can prepare you for:

“The biggest one for me, was when Undertaker returned. That blew my mind. If you’ve ever been to a WWE show and were lucky enough to have Undertaker there and you get to hear the gong and he’s coming out and the smoke is taking over the set, it’s unbelievable to see but to be there on commentary and not to have a full-blown meltdown while it’s happening. That’s what I learned.

I’m looking at my monitor and I was so close to the Undertaker when he made his entrance and when Shawn Michaels came out before. I was like ‘whoa man they’re here and I get to talk about these things’ I was floored that that happened.”

Getting to call the Dead Man’s return, along with something like her husband’s return from a life-threatening injury during her first guess fill-in on Raw, are probably good things to have happen early in your run. If you can manage to not mark out for moments like those, you should be good for just about anything.

Get ready for Renee’s PPV commentary debut with the rest of her chat with Newsweek here.