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The 205 Live roster is arguing about who’s smaller

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This seems like a questionable way to promote the show...

I’m a 205 Live fan. I’d watch WWE Network’s weekly cruiserweight showcase even if it wasn’t part of the job. I have, at times, banged the drum pretty loudly trying to get others to check it out.

But it sometimes feels like WWE isn’t with me and the others in their audience who enjoy the show. Now, maybe I’m just still salty about how Raw is using a few of the guys from the purple brand lately. But seeing the talents argue online about how small they are at a time when they’re showing up on Monday nights to stand next to stars who are bigger (in size and in the eyes of the company) doesn’t seem like a great promotional move.

It started with Noam Dar and Lio Rush hyping their match next Tuesday by, among other things, taking some “who’s your daddy?”-type trash talk and focusing it on which of them is the little kid in that scenario:

DRAKE MAVERICK came to Dar’s side in this Twitter flare-up. Because unlike Rush, DRAKE is a face on 205 Live and a heel on Raw, not the other way around. Anyway, Lio and his sometime boss just straight up argue about who is little-er:

It’s a weird look, and not one which will get anyone not watching 205 Live to give it a chance, I don’t think.

But I should probably just stop worrying about that goal. WWE seems to have.