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WWE’s Instagram is busting out some interesting Hell in a Cell trivia

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It may not quite lend itself to statistics a as well as non-scripted sports, but there’s plenty of trivia out there for pro wrestling.

While they’re no match for our own Cain A. Knight, WWE’s Instagram account is a pretty good source for some interesting factoids. And they have Cain beat on pretty custom graphics to go along with their work.

With the company’s annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) coming our way in just a couple days (Sun., Sept. 16) and two men famous for Hell in a Cell matches headlining Super Show-Down in Melbourne next month, that’s been the account’s recent focus - and the subject of a couple recent ‘Grams which caught our eye.

This one about ya boys The New Day is quite something, and a testament to how enduring a fixture they’ve been atop whatever brand they’re on’s tag scene. Sure, they’re only 1 - 2 in these title defenses. But you got to be the men to get beat by... other men, I guess.

Really, we just hope they have the belts again next year, so we can make more Big E Langston/Booker T jokes...

Then there’s this one, which promoted the Australian stadium show featuring Triple H and Undertaker without rewriting history. It also gives a little more weight to one of the Cell matches taking place in San Antonio (the one no one is really sure why it’s taking place in the Demonic Structure), since it could be a tie-breaker between a Hall of Famer and the former Legend Killer:

Give us your predictions on whether E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston will get their S.T.T.D.P.F.P.E.N.M.S. (Successful Tag Title Defenses at Fall PPV Events Named for Match Stipulations) to .500, or if Randy Orton can give Shawn Michaels a RKO in the all-time wins category, below.

And feel free to chime in with your own Hell in a Cell (show or match) trivia below.