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Cup of coffee in the big time: 205 Live as mascots, Bray & Jojo and Chris Hero 20 years pro

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My daughter brought some sort of horrible illness into our home one week after the start of kindergarten and I popped a fever of 105.4 last night, so rather than try to make my brain work to put together a column on one single thing, let’s test out a new format and hit some topics that have been bouncing around my head, or the internet at large.

Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno - Hero became a 20 year vet yesterday, which makes me feel like a very old man.

I’ve seen a lot of great Chris Hero matches and his IWA-MS rivalry with CM Punk was the first thing I went out of my way to buy/tape trade to see all of when I was much younger. But my favorite Hero memory will always be EVOLVE 76.

Hero would wrestle Keith Lee in the main event with the ropes breaking and a whole lot of other nonsense. But before the show started, as everyone was walking through their matches, he was showing Darby Allin a bunch of different armdrags. Instead of focusing on himself, he was just walking a promising young talent through ways to up his game. It’s peak Hero, a guy who loves wrestling and just wants to help others make it as good as he can.

And, yes, Darby did bust out some of those armdrags in his own match later.

205 Live - Is the future of 205 Live having the roster act as mascots or some sort of Lucha Libre minis for the main roster?

Buddy Murphy would make a good Triple H Jr.

Put Noam Dar in the Fashion Police.

Drew Gulak as the final piece of the puzzle for Rusev Day?

What I’m saying is ... this just seems like a bad idea. The plan should be to treat the cruiserweights as wrestlers, but WWE is doing the thing that’s a killer in the long-term, saying, “look at these lil’ guys!”

Bray and Jojo - It freaks me out that anyone thinks they need to know about a wrestler’s personal life. But social media is social media and people don’t act like people when they’re presented with any degree of anonymity.

I can’t judge what happened in Bray Wyatt’s marriage, I wasn’t there, I don’t know the details of what was going on between him and his wife. And I don’t know the exact circumstances of his relationship with Jojo.

But I do know I’m not going to be mad at the guy for venting on a fan saying crappy things to him on Instagram. Remember, the people you’re yelling at are human beings, not targets for you to throw shit at.

It’s Friday and the fever hasn’t killed me yet. Let’s call it a win.

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