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Picture of Undertaker, Ric Flair & Dennis Rodman has us confused

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You’ve been to a wedding, but have you been to a Ric Flair wedding?

Yesterday (Sept. 12), Flair and his longtime girlfriend Wendy Barlow were officially married in at a small ceremony held in Florida. Small, by The Nature Boy’s standards, but the Flair-Barlow wedding was still filled with it’s fair share of celebrities.

Today (Sept. 13) more pictures of the happy newlyweds and the wedding reception have been released. Besides the pic of Michael P.S Hayes rocking an all black fanny pick with his pink vest, this picture of The Undertaker, former NBA player/nWo member Dennis Rodman and Flair is our favorite.

There is so much going on in this picture.

The fourth guy in the pic, standing off in the background is all of us right now.

Taker taking open bar liberties and doubling up whiskey drinks is just the stuff of legend.

What did these three men of the squared circle talk about before this picture was taken? We can all agree that they woo’d afterwards, right?