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New WWE 2K19 trailer features House of Horrors match & more surprises

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What is going on this WWE 2K19 trailer?

With the roster for WWE 2K19 pretty much set, 2K Sports dropped the latest trailer for their new game and contained a ton of Easter eggs. Set to be released on Oct. 9 for PS4 and Xbox One, check out the new trailer below.

We got some questions. So many questions.

  • Is that a House of Horrors or Ultimate Deletion match?
  • NBA Jam stylized Big Head mode?
  • Zombie Triple H? More zombie superstars?
  • Vanguard 1, is that you?
  • Did we see a Mae Young Classic arena?
  • New briefcase designs?
  • Who’s body was that laying on the ground?
  • Women’s Royal Rumble?
  • Bray Wyatt in a gas mask?
  • Golden dipped AJ Styles?
  • Was that house on fire?

Hyped? What did we miss?