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Stephanie McMahon names WWE’s one key to success, fans disagree

If Stephanie McMahon is trolling wrestling fans with her latest comment then she is doing a masterful job.

Always stay heeling.

This week McMahon was invited to speak at Sports Business Journal’s Game Changers conference. As part of the ‘Ideas that move us forward’ panel, McMahon was tasked with discussing women searching for equality in sports.

During her speech, McMahon dropped in this line about the key to the WWE’s recent run of success.

“We’re successful for one reason only: We listened to our audience.”

The reaction to McMahon’s comments were swift.

This isn’t the first, or likely the last, time McMahon or somebody from the WWE’s brain-trust has dropped this talking point. Maybe McMahon is talking about the company’s forward thinking on streaming services, live events, merchandising or TV right’s deals?

All things considered if pro wrestling fans were asked to list what they love about the WWE the most, would “listens to their audience” fall anywhere in the top five answers? Top 10? Top 100?

Compared to other sports leagues or entertainment properties, how well does the WWE really listen to their audience?