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Batista not surprised he didn’t get invited to SmackDown 1000

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Batista is still walking alone.

One day we’ll get the full story on the rocky relationship between Batista and the WWE, but today (Sept. 13) is not that day. Set to go down on Tuesday, Oct. 16 from Capital One Arena in Washington DC, the 1,000th episode of SmackDown on paper looks to be an all hands on deck situation for the WWE.

One hand, who always seems willingly to help out, who won’t be there is Dave Bautista. Despite being a resident of the Washington, DC area, per Batista he has still not received an invite from the company to appear at SmackDown 1000.

What is going on with Batista and the WWE?

There has to be more to the story. Batista is a rising, mainstream star in Hollywood who wants to wrestle. Yet, every time we hear a story or a rumor about his return it involves the WWE giving one of their former champions the cold shoulder.

With less than one month to go before SmackDown 1000, here’s hoping that Batista and the WWE can begin to repair their fractured relationship.

Since this is still pro wrestling, what are the odds Big Dave shows up on SmackDown in a few weeks?