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Ric Flair and Wendy Barlow are married

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A year ago, Ric Flair’s fiancee Wendy Barlow, his family and legions of fans were just breathing a sigh of relief following a health emergency which left the Nature Boy hospitalized amidst reports he might not make it.

The 16 time World Champ kicked out, as he always has when it looks like life has him beat. And today, Barlow and Flair engagement ended with “I Do”s.

The marriage is Flair’s fifth. The hip-hop icon entered to Offset and Metro Boomin’s track, “Ric Flair Drip”. Because Naitch gotta Naitch.

Barlow worked with Flair in WCW, where she performed as Fifi the French Maid. She was central to his 1993 feud with the late Rick Rude.

Amazingly enough, despite their history and the presence of Mark “The Undertaker” Callaway, Ric’s daughter Charlotte and Dolph Ziggler (who walked Wendy down the aisle), this was one wrestling wedding with a happy ending!

TMZ brought the report, and this footage:

Congrats to the happy couple, and an obligatory, WOO!