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Here’s Jeremy Borash interviewing Madison Rayne... for WWE

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It’s Ashley now, of course, but anyone who’s followed the history of TNA/Impact knows why this is wild.

Ashley Rayne has been wrestling since 2005. She’ll finally make her WWE on-screen debut tonight (Sept. 12) on the Network during the first round of the 2018 Mae Young Classic.

The company cutting her checks for their women’s tournament is touting Rayne’s past as being on the international and independent scenes. Not that that’s not true, but it leaves out the specifics of where many wrestling fans know her from - TNA/Impact Wrestling. As Madison Rayne, Ashley was under contract to North America’s other nationally televised promotion on-and-off for almost decade. She’s held their women’s title, the Knockouts Championship, five-times.

While in TNA/Impact, Rayne worked with Jeremy Borash. Prior to joining WWE earlier this year, Borash was synonymous with TNA. During his 15-plus years there, he did everything from producing to announcing to wrestling for Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter or Anthem Entertainment. Now, he’s said to be on Triple H’s “team”, working behind-the-scenes in NXT and ready to take on a bigger role with Raw and SmackDown someday. But for many years, Borash was Impact Wrestling.

Which is why it’s so weird his is the voice interviewing Rayne in this pre-show interview from WWE:

For context, here’s something from Impact’s YouTube from six years ago...

It’s not Eric Bischoff showing up Raw, but it is another example of “never say never” in this crazy wrestling game.