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Sheamus thinks he has grounds for a rematch with Rusev Day

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An already announced SmackDown Tag Team Title match between The Bar and The New Day for Oct. 6 in Melbourne muddies the waters somewhat, but Rusev Day’s win over Cesaro and Sheamus last night (Sept. 11) in a #1 contenders match for Hell in a Cell was a pleasant surprise.

But not for The Bar, who came up short in their quest to claim the blue brand’s tag straps for the first time.

Now, Sheamus has to deal with his good buddy Rusev celebrating right in front of him. But the good news is, he thinks he has a way to get that win back...

Don’t worry, Sheam-y. Everyone always gets rematches in WWE. Plus, you already know you’ve got that title match at Super Show-Down.

But temporary blindness (and gimmick infringement) are good shots to fire at Aiden English. And you definitely got your licks in on the Drama King...

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Battle scars...worth it. #HIAC falls on #RusevDay

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