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Becky Lynch is not a babyface, and that’s okay

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Any way you look at it, the Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair SmackDown Women’s Title feud has been pretty great. The way a lot of fans, myself included, have chosen to look at it has focused on whether or not WWE is leaning into the cheers and presenting Lynch as something other than a villain.

Is she righteously angry about the advantages her privileged former friend continues to receive from management? An underdog pushed so far she’s embraced the necessity of achieving her goals via less-than-honorable means, but still the protagonist?

You can certainly choose to view her that way. Call her an anti-hero, compare her to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Definitely cheer her at Hell in a Cell on Sun., Sept. 16.

But she is not being written as the hero of this story.

WWE’s sent us some mixed signals, noteably by backing off the “fan blaming” narrative from her post-SummerSlam explanation promo. But they were pretty clear last night (Sept. 11) on the ‘go home’ show.

You don’t release video showing your babyface making kids cry while calling her actions heinous in ALL CAPS...

You can have the “Fans were still cheering!” “But I’m hearing more boos!” debate. It’s happening all around the wrestle ‘net today. The Lafayette, Louisiana crowd wasn’t terribly loud all night, so I don’t think that tells us anything, but that argument is still out there for those who want to have it.

But it doesn’t matter. From the disguise tactic she learned from her Mixed Match Challenge partner to the badass black leather ensemble she wore, Becky Lynch is not a babyface.

Doesn’t mean you can’t cheer her. Or that she won’t become a face again at Hell in a Cell, or Super Show-Down, or Evolution.

But she’s not right now. And that’s okay, because she’s killing it with the character she is playing. And her rivalry with Charlotte is one of the best things on WWE television.

We can all agree to cheer that. Right?