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We need to talk about WWE’s ranking of ‘Undertaker’s 5 Greatest Rivals’

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I’ve come a long way on my opinion of Triple H. In the mid-aughts, at the peak of Evolution’s dominance of Raw, an Haitch promo got the mute button. Now, aided by the fact that I subscribe to his vision for the future of the biggest wrestling company the world’s ever known, I respect what he brings to the table as a part-time attraction and a gifted storyteller.

After some initial skeptism, I’d also agree with my main man Geno Mrosko that The Game’s current program with Undertaker on Raw is really strong stuff (even if the red brand’s recent trend toward Dadaist booking isn’t offering up much in the way of competition).

But this? This is just rewriting history for the sake of promoting Super Show-Down. Which, I get it, that’s WWE job. But at the same time? Gedafuqouddahere...

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#TheUndertaker had his share of rivals...

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The list would actually be fine, if Hunter was bumped down to five. And maybe tied there with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Batista. Trips’ most epic encounters with the Dead Man are basically spin-offs from the superior HBK rivalry, anyway.

But I get it. In addition to a stadium show in Australia (and more rumored matches after “The Last Time Ever”), there’s a WrestleMania legacy needed to sell Network subscriptions. I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it.

But I did need to get that off my chest.