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Watching Brie Bella punch The Miz right in the face is pretty great

Pure chaos.

The main event of this week’s SmackDown featured two of the WWE’s leading moms going one on one. Brie Bella and Maryse were scheduled to meet in the center in the ring for a good old fashioned grappling match but instead it featured 10 plus minutes of shenanigans and it was great.

Right from the start Maryse and The Miz attempted to play mind games against Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan.

Once Maryse was dragged back into the ring by Brie, she took a beating before Miz interfered and cost his wife the match by disqualification.

Post-match the action got even more hectic and even included a rough bump between Bryan and Bella.

The conclusion to it all was Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan standing tall following the Miz receiving a punch in the face.


Seeing Miz get punched square in his face may be one of the only acts in pro wrestling that will never get old.

For that, we thank you Brie Bella.

The It couple or the Yes couple, this Sunday at Hell in a Cell who wins?

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