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Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte Flair while she’s taking a selfie with fan

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Becky Lynch is the hero pro wrestling deserves. Becky Lynch is also happens to be a master of disguise.

This week on SmackDown, Lynch let Charlotte Flair successfully defeat Sonya Deville then she made her move. Flair celebrated in the ring and held the title up high in the center of the ring. The SmackDown women’s champion then made he way from the ring and stopped to take some pictures with some fans sitting ringside.

It looked like SmackDown was about to cut to commercial break while Flair was taking a selfie with a pair of young fans, then another fan appeared to attack the champion out of nowhere.


Hold on.

That’s no fan, that’s Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch!

Will Becky Lynch topple Charlotte Flair this Sunday at Hell in a Cell?

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