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AJ Styles cuts the best promo you will see from an empty arena

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AJ Styles is fired up.

Styles is so fired up, that he had to cut a promo from an empty Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. On the go-home show to Hell in a Cell, this Sunday on the WWE Network, SmackDown replayed a promo of Styles just hanging out in an empty arena.

In a feud dominated by the actions of Samoa Joe, this was Styles first real clap back on his title challenger. Styles was serious but not corny. The WWE champion even brought up the over 20 years of friendship he and Joe have built together.

At Hell in a Cell all that goes out the window and maybe we’ll get a conclusive outcome to Styles vs. Joe.

Who walks away from San Antonio, Texas with the WWE Championship, Styles or Joe?

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