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WWE finds a weird way to wish Paul Heyman a happy birthday

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Paul Heyman turned 53-years-old today, and plenty of folks have taken to social media to wish him a happy birthday. That includes the WWE Network account, who found just the weirdest clip to use to go along with those wishes:

Yes, that would be from the documentary WWE released on him and it’s a brief clip on his less than amicable departure from the company. That’s being nice about it. Here’s how it opens, with Stephanie McMahon saying:

“I think at the end of the day Paul couldn’t swallow that he wasn’t the boss, and he didn’t know how to work with somebody who was the boss, and who didn’t just take all of his ideas and agree with them. ... It just was a distrustful situation. If you can’t trust someone, you can’t be in business with them. It just doesn’t work.”

Again, this is the clip they chose to accompany a tweet wishing him a happy birthday.

His response to it:

Sounds about right.