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Lio Rush is Bobby Lashley’s manager? Sure, why not

Hey, if his General Manager can escape branch out from 205 Live by suddenly appearing on Raw as the mouthpiece for another act, why can’t Lio Rush?

At first it seemed like Bobby Lashley was going to squash the Man of the Hour like a bug, but the Destroyer is on board with his new hype man. He even retweeted WWE’s video of their clip from the Sept. 10 episode with more affirmation, “Keep on motivating me right to the top @itsLioRush!”

Okay? Sure. Why not?

Lashley desperately needs a mouthpiece, and any hope fans have of seeing the version of him which earned praise in TNA will require someone in the role MVP played for him on Impact. Rush is a gifted in-ring performer, but he also has the gift of gab. With the cruiserweight division sadly still failing catch on with the greater WWE Universe, a managerial role could be his best chance at an ongoing on-screen role in the company.

If this is the slow dissolution of 205 Live, having it lead to a resurgence of managers in the company would at least be a nice consolation prize.

Sure, they could have actually put the guy who plays a heel on WWE Network with the heel act, and the one who plays a face with the face act. Rush joining DRAKE MAVERICK in playing different alignments on different nights, sends the message even more that happens on 205 doesn’t matter. But we’re trying to stay positive here.

A Lio Rush/Bobby Lashley pairing is a good move for both men, and could be a lot of fun.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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