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We like when Jim Cornette likes stuff!

We get a lot of mileage out of legendary manager/booker/promoter Jim Cornette complaining about things in modern day pro wrestling. Cranky Corny may be good for our business, but it’s honestly not that much fun. We’d much rather be sharing our enthusiam for aspects of this crazy business/performance art we all love.

Thanks to Cornette’s recent appearance on Bill Apter’s podcast, The Apter Chat, we can!

When asked which current WWE Superstar he’d like to manage, Jim broke The Revival’s hearts. Instead of saying yeah, Cornette told Apter:

“I’ve been a fan of one particular guy since I first saw him in Ring of Honor eight years ago. He was Tyler Black then, but he’s Seth Rollins now. And I think he’s just the whole package. He can work. He sounds good. He looks good. He’s got the size. He’s got the athletic ability. When I knew him, and hopefully nothing has changed, he was a good kid with no bad habits.

He reminds me of a modern day Rick Rude. He has that aura about him. He carries himself like a star.”

The current Intercontinental Champ caught wind of Cornette’s praise, and thanked the Lousville Slugger for the compliment - especially the comparison to the Ravishing One. Jim fired back with even more praise, for both Seth and Rude:

See, told you it’s better when Corny likes stuff! Although now we can’t help but wonder how much better Rollins’ run as a heel WWE Champ would have been with a certain tennis racket-wielding loud mouth instead of The Authority with him...

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