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The inevitable Bobby Roode/Chad Gable feud is gonna rule

I love a good undercard storyline. Heck, I pretty much love any undercard storyline, at least when it happens in WWE. When it continues for multiple weeks in a row and leads to something, anyway.

If the angle actually features people whose work I enjoy and/or who I believe to be deserving of a bigger spotlight, that’s even better.

Which is why I am, as the kids say, here for this Chad Gable/Bobby Roode program...

The former NXT and SmackDown Tag Champ is a lot like the Kurt Angle who came to WWE in the late 1990s, and his amateur wrestling background is the least of it. He’s got the goofy enthuiasm and (over)confidence that makes him adorable, even when he’s a heel. Gable doesn’t figure to be the bad guy in an eventual feud with the man he (pretty randomly) started tagging with a couple weeks ago, however.

No, that would be Roode, who can be seen getting slowly, progressively more annoyed by the younger wrestler stealing bits of his “Glorious” spotlight. This puts the former TNA and NXT Champion back into his character comfort zone, which is really just a more boo-able version of Gable’s. Roode’s over-excitement can be zany, too, but it’s always focused on himself and his own achievements. Chad getting excited about their success as a team will both endear us to him and eventually push his partner to a breaking point, making us more invested in the success of the former and the comeuppance of the latter.

WWE doesn’t seem to be in a huge rush with this program, which is fine by me. As long as we get moments like Gable’s “I need to get a robe” in the above fallout video.

The obvious endgame is a single feud between a rudo Roode and a babyface Gable, but there could be other twists and turns along the way. Like if the other half of American Alpha can get cleared.

I’ll wait and see how they play it. The first few beats of the story have been a lot of fun, and I am ready, willing and Gable to see it to its GLORIOUS destination.


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