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Roman Reigns drops Braun Strowman off the stage, humbles the Monster

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So maybe this wasn’t the best plan of attack by The Monster Among Men.

On Monday night, Braun Strowman searched and searched for a piece of Roman Reigns, then when he found him, he choked. On the go-home show to Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the main event segment featured Strowman occupying the center of the ring in hopes of cornering the WWE Universal champion into a fight.

Strowman got what he wanted, until he didn’t. After briefly beating down Reigns, Strowman looked to up the ante and took the Big Dog to the top of the Raw announce desk.

Bad move Braun.

Dumb strategy by The Monster or just another case of #LOLReignsWins?

With Roman Reigns standing tall on Raw, does that mean the Universal title is more likely to stay on his shoulders come Sunday night?