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Credit to WWE for putting Renee Young on Raw commentary full time ... but not too much

WWE went ahead and made official today what it should have made official weeks ago — Renee Young will replace Jonathan Coachman as a commentator alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves on Monday Night Raw each week, starting this evening. She is, predictably enough, really jazzed about it (as is everyone else):

WWE absolutely deserves credit for making this move.

There are also legitimate questions to be asked about just what took so long for them to make it.

Coachman spent far too long fumbling his way through entire broadcasts while WWE had better options on the sidelines, and that was before we knew how good Renee would be in this role. After she filled in a month ago, there was no longer any denying it. Why did it take that extra month? Coachman was actively bad at the job and Renee is actively good at it. This was a move that should have been made weeks ago.

So, yes, a tip of the cap to WWE, but a side eye to go with it.

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