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A not-shocking-but-technically-still-spoiler report on SmackDown 1000

It’s not the big name a lot of rumors are pointing to - you know, the guy who gave the show its name and who might be feuding with his cousin come WrestleMania season. But a report from PWInsider does say a major name from the blue brand’s past will be back for SmackDown 1000 on Oct. 23.

Hall of Famer Edge is set for the show in an unknown role.

The initial 2002 brand split was a boon for the Attitude Era tag team specialist, who was getting a babyface singles push when it happened and quickly became one of the main event players on SmackDown. He was moved over to Raw a couple years later, but used his second time carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase to return to Team Blue for a long run which included feuds with the Undertaker, Batista and a gimmick where he was romantically linked to the show’s heel General Manager, Vickie Guerrero. Even his 2012 retirement was used as a catalyst to push his kayfabe brother Christian into the World Heavyweight Title picture.

Edge’s neck injury makes him one of the rare retired Superstars who isn’t the subject of comeback speculation, but there are still things he could do besides just congratulating his old show on their big milestone. The second season of his comedy series on WWE Network, The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness, should be premiering soon. The Rated R Superstar could also do something with old storyline friends and rivals like Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton, too.

Let us know what you hope Edge does on USA Network next month, and who else you hope to be reading one of these reports about soon, in the comments below.

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