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The 6th Move of Doom is here, and it’s very John Cena

After weeks of build up and lots of veiny pictures, John Cena finally unleashed his “6th Move of Doom” in Shanghai on Sat., Sept. 1, using it to pin Elias and secure victory for himself and Bobby Lashley in their tag match main event.

It is, sadly, not called The Doomiest. It is definitely very John Cena...

The Lightning Fist is a follow-up to the AA. It’s also pretty much just a backfist* with some theatrics. Which means Cena, in this new self-aware phase of his WWE career, just trolled us for making fun of his “Five Moves of Doom” as being boring, cliche and kind of lame by adding on a sixth which is more boring, cliche and lame.

You have to laugh.

Never change, John Cena.

* I asked my official technical consultant, Rev. Claire Elizabeth, to chime in on my identification of The Lightning Fist, and she offered that - and a little bonus critique:

“I was thinking it was like an Aja Kong Uraken and about to get on my high horse about how it’s Actually Good and then I watched the clip and it’s like he’s doing a Tenryu Jab but wrong. Nevermind.”

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