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Beth Phoenix, Renee Young, Michael Cole will do commentary for the Mae Young Classic

The second Mae Young Classic women’s tournament will tape later today and tomorrow from Orlando and now we know who will be calling it.

Per ESPN, both Beth Phoenix and Renee Young will be on commentary, alongside blow-by-blow man Michael Cole. They also got a quote from Cole on using female commentators and what his goal is there:

“A few years ago I was put in charge of all of the announcers in the company. My goal when I took over was to have, for the first time, a full-time female commentator on one of our main shows. That is still my goal today and it led to, for the first time, having two women in the announcing booth for the Mae Young Classic. It blows me away that this is happening because as little as two years ago I would not have seen this happening.”

This comes just after Young publicly made clear if a spot in the commentary booth is available for a woman, she wants it.

Phoenix, meanwhile, impressed during her run as the third person in the booth alongside Cole and Corey Graves calling the Mixed Match Challenge earlier this year.

Cole makes it clear, though, that they’ve both been preparing for this for a while now:

“I have worked with Beth and Renee separately but never together, but that is by design. Beth and Renee have been practicing together at the Performance Center with Tom Phillips and Vic Joseph. I specifically made a point before we did this that I didn’t want to work with them before the tournament.”

There had been rumors floating around that Mauro Ranallo would be on commentary for the tournament but he’ll be hosting the Bracketology that airs on Aug. 29. Cathy Kelley and Shadia Bseiso will handle backstage interviews while Kayla Braxton will be the ring announcer.

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