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Should The B-Team’s new theme stay or GO! GO! GO!?

Yes, Deleters of Worlds’ teleportation trick set-up a Tag Team Title Triple Threat for The B-Team on Raw next week (Aug. 13). But that impending showdown with Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy and The Revival wasn’t the big thing that happened to Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel on this past Monday’s episode.

Not when they walked out onto the stage in Jacksonville to this marching band tune:

This replaces “Battlescars”, which was a fairly generic RAWK number. While that song wasn’t one of my favorite entrance themes, I’m still personally not ready to declare what I assume* will be titled “GO!” an upgrade.

The Spirit Squad vibe is fun, and fits with Bo and Curtis’ over-the-top celebrations. It also signals “comedy act” in a pretty big way. Which, I mean, they are. But “Battlescars” had an ironic vibe which was in a way even more silly for the duo. And it left the door open for a more serious run if that ever made sense/WWE wanted to go that way.

So help me decide, Cagesiders...


Should The B-Team’s new theme...

This poll is closed

  • 39%
    Stay (keep it)!
    (431 votes)
  • 60%
    GO! GO! GO! (we want to hear "THESE BATTLE SCARS!" again)
    (650 votes)
1081 votes total Vote Now

* This is a fan-made and edited version of the song, so it may disappear when WWE Music catches wind of it.

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