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Let’s check in on how John Cena and Nikki Bella are handling their break-up

As we all know, John Cena and Nikki Bella are “donzo”. Bella even issued a statement about their relationship status, so if it came via a publicist to People, you know it’s serious.

Let’s check in on how our WrestleMania 33 sweethearts are doing, shall we?

Social science tells (or the internet tells us social science tells us) men and women handle break-ups in different ways. According to my in-depth research a couple articles I found via a quick Google search, women socialize and process the loss more quickly with their community of friends and family. Men dive into action to divert themselves, resulting in a longer grieving process for the empty space in their interpersonal life.

Do John and Nikki fit those stereotypes?


We of course can’t know what they’re really feeling. That’s just reality. And as Miz and Maryse pointed out, even more than with most people, we only ever get the version of Cena and Bella’s reality they want us to see.

John has definitely plunged into work. Not only is he in China working on a new finisher, he’s dropping lbs like he wants to wrestle on DRAKE MAVERICK’s show...

... something about his hair does read “I’m dying on the inside” to me, though.

Nikki is definitely keeping twin sister Brie close, but she’s also keeping her nose to the grindstone. The Bellas are in the gym AND celebrating the news of Total Bellas season four!

The official press release about the renewal includes a quote from Nikki which sounds like she might be using her career to gloss over some inner turmoil, though:

“I can’t wait for our fans to join me in the next step of my life. I promise that it will be a fun, real and heartfelt adventure.”

Maybe these two crazy kids really were meant to be together?

Fortunately, we’ll have more episodes of Total Bellas — plus the upcoming eighth season of Total Divas — to explore that!

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