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Tearful Paul Heyman unsure about relationship with Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman couldn’t make it through his interview with Renee Young without crying.

One week after his very public fallout with Brock Lesnar, advocate Paul Heyman returned to Monday Night Raw to set the record straight. In a sit down interview with Young, a shaken Heyman could barely make it through the first question of the short segment without breaking down.

This was Heyman at his best.

Heyman would go on to describe how Lesnar won’t return his calls and the Beast has had his phone off all week. On a professional level Heyman was left speechless. When Young asked Heyman about how Lesnar’s actions affected him personally, the advocate became overcome with tears.

Heyman was still in shock that Lesnar threw away a nearly two decade relationship on a whim. By nature both Heyman and Lesnar keep a tight inner circle, and not being able to see their kids play together again seemed to really eat The GodFather Of ECW up inside.

Will Paul Heyman walk out with Brock Lesnar for the main event of SummerSlam?

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