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If WWE puts a woman on commentary, Renee Young wants it to be her

Graves Young

During her chat with Lilian Garcia on the Chasing Glory podcast, Renee Young started talking about wanting to do more within WWE. She likes using her brain in her work, and she’s gotten so good at what she currently does for the company, it’s become almost second nature.

It’s too comfortable, in a sense.

So what could she do outside her comfort zone?

”I’ve definitely been... I have been listening to commentary a little bit more and trying to figure out...”

Oh yes indeedy.

But didn’t she work commentary on NXT and Main Event and dislike it?

”I enjoyed doing it at NXT. I didn’t love doing it when I was doing it on Main Event because I felt like doing a two man booth always stressed me out. I feel like my strengths of being on commentary is like quick tidbits, quick reactions, sharp little things here and there. But, like, to provide more of a bulk to this match I don’t really feel like I do it justice. So being in a three man booth and being able to do a little bit more character stuff, and flirt with William Regal across the table, or whatever that was going to be.

”Yeah, it stressed me out more then but I also was so much newer in the company that I felt like -- and I did this to myself, I think -- but I felt like I was on such a tight rope about what I can say, what I can do, how I can behave, how I’m supposed to come across, and I was like ‘who am I? What is this thing that I’m delivering to people? Because this doesn’t feel like it’s me. I feel like I’m trying...’ I just feel like I had to rework how I speak and I can definitely be a little crass, or I can make fun of stuff in ways that doesn’t work here.

”So I feel like now that I’ve been here long enough, and I’ve been on the panels long enough, that I have such a better perspective of how everything works from a non-scripted idea. So I think if I were able to apply that again in the second round, it might be a different outcome.”

Both Lilian and Renee then note that it’s a surprise that both the Raw and SmackDown commentary booths are filled with men, considering “it’s the women’s evolution.” Renee, then, sees the spot opening up soon enough and she’s got her eye on it.

”I feel like that time is not far off. I really feel like it’s not far off but I also, and this is a pretty new thing for me, but I feel like it’s my spot and I want to take it. I really, I feel like I want... I’m really excited to put in the work and try to hone a craft in that or be somewhat passable in it and grow, and learn, and figure stuff out. But I feel like if that spot is going to open up and they want to put a female on a desk I really want it to be me.”

Lilian believes it needs to be Renee. I’m not sure you’ll find much argument from the wider WWE audience on that point.


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