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Corey Graves says ‘deuces’ to social media

WWE Raw and SmackDown commentator Corey Graves looks to be leaving Twitter and Instagram behind...

It’s an understandable sentiment. I don’t do much with my social media accounts for pretty much exactly those reasons.

But it’s also understandable to cast a little side-eye at Corey for publicly peacing out. Many have pointed out the timing, coming during a flap from the UK involving his brother (CMLL heel Sam Adonis) directing some offensive language at the RevPro audience in an attempt to get heat on Sat. night (Aug. 4).

And you could argue Graves has blurred the line himself online, selling a kayfabe beef with Booker T as legit, calling out CM Punk for being a bad friend, etc.

If you want to discuss it with him, however, you’ll have to catch him at a taping or other appearance, however. Because the Savior of Misbehavior is Audi 5000.

For now, anyway.

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