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Kane got emotional over a Vince McMahon text after being elected mayor

In a landslide, current WWE Superstar Kane was elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee just days ago. This came just a couple weeks after he had returned to WWE television to team up with Daniel Bryan. They challenged for the SmackDown tag team titles at Extreme Rules on July 15.

Now, this.


He gave an interview to Sports Illustrated talking about as much and a passage about how Vince McMahon responded to his victory in the election stood out:

“Vince has been very supportive throughout this entire endeavor. He reached out to extend his congratulations. Vince wants all of us to do well, no matter what we’re doing, because it reflects well on the company. On a personal level, between me and him, it’s important to me that he is proud of me. He’s done so much for me and for my family. He sent me a text that got me all choked up.”

It’s noted in the SI post that Kane had to compose himself while saying all that. For the character we’ve always known, it’s easy to forget the very real person behind it. No more. Kane is Glenn Jacobs, a man who is so much more than his gimmick in pro wrestling, a man who made his boss proud, a man who is doing what he can to effect change in this country.

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