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We’ve found something Kurt Angle is worse at than General Manager-ing

Monday Night Raw has a history of managerial incompetence. It’s the show ruled by McMahons, so the person who’s left in charge when they’re not around kind of has to be a bit of a bumbler. And when a Raw General Manager does make the right move or decision, they’re sure to be punished or ridiculed for it.

For the post-brand split era, Kurt Angle is following in Mick Foley’s hapless footsteps as commissioner Stephanie McMahon’s fall guy/whipping boy. He picked up a big win alongside Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34, sure, but that involved wrestling. The man’s never had an issue as an athlete - he won a gold medal with broken freaking neck, after all. As an authority figure, his nonsensical kayfabe decisions are pretty well documented.

And kayfabe is the key word. In fact, GM Angle could use the same excuse Snitsky made famous - “It’s not my fault”. He’s just written that way.

Kurt can use the same excuse for his inadvertant entry into the almost-past-its-15-minutes-of-internet-fame “Kiki Challenge”.

The meme, where people are filmed from inside a moving car while they dance alongside it and Drake’s “In My Feelings” plays over the speakers, has reached the stage where police are trying to shut it down over concerns people will, you know, get hurt dancing in traffic, or filming their friends out the window while driving. Stuff like that.


In a scene which would fit right into your average episode of Raw, our Olympic Hero’s wife Giovanna locked her hubby out of their SUV, punched up Drizzy on the playlist and...

You’re supposed to make that little heart sign with your hands, Kurt!

WWE is, of course, publicizing Angle’s “attempt”. Both because they love to hop on the trend bandwagon just when the wheels are about to fall off, and because they wouldn’t want to pass up a chance to make Raw’s GM look like a goober.

Stick to “Medal”, Kurt.

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