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We really want John Cena’s new move to be called ‘The Doomiest’

First off, the headline is not at all original. I first saw it from Cagesider Abigail Wyatt, so h/t where h/t is due.

On to the business at hand, with a couple more days to process things, John Cena’s latest shirtless pic isn’t freaking me out. Don’t get me wrong... looking at the Tone That’s in the Zone instead of the Mass at the Head of the Class is still jarring. But I’m getting used to it.

Or maybe I’ve just moved on and am now focused on his new longer hairstyle.

Either way, back to the matter at hand. Cena will be unleashing his new move, presumably a finishing manuever to replace the ineffective Attitude Adjustment, in Shanghai tomorrow (Sept. 1) night. We’ll have to wait until then - which will be sometime Saturday morning in the U.S. - to find out what it is and who’s on the receiving end of the first one.

But this is now the second time he’s gone with this “TheDoomiest” hashtag, so we’re really hoping that’s the 6th Move of Doom’s actual name.

You with Abigail and me, gang?

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